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Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering is here for one reason: Solving your fire protection and life safety challenges. We deliver custom solutions that meet or exceed prescriptive code, deliver your vision, decrease project cost, and increase the value of your asset.

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We work with architects, developers, contractors and other engineers to deliver safe, useful and beautiful built environments.

"It’s great how you provide code references and explanation behind the answer. That really helps us when we have to go to a meeting and explain the reasoning to the client. Thanks for all you do!!"

Bauen Capital

"We are very happy with the expert advice you offered."

Bauen Capital

"We found your method of making this up to be very helpful. The text, code references and markups are descriptive and concise...It's exactly what we needed."

Bauen Capital

"The analysis is very well thought out and prepared. …Thank you for your very well designed analysis and thorough report!"

Bauen Capital

"It was a pleasure working with Performance Based. We really appreciated the feedback and quick turnaround."

Dan Duff

Northstar Fire Protection
"An updated note that we received our final inspection for our rooftop...this would have never been possible without your engineering expertise"

John Hall

Fire Sprinkler Service, LLC
“When we presented to our building authority, they said it was the most comprehensive report they’d ever seen. The approach, the theory, the execution were all top notch. And there was no pushback.”

John Hall

Fire Sprinkler Service, LLC
“Time really is money. Operational expenses start ticking immediately. Having someone like PBFPE that can get back to the building officials and work something out fast is critical.”

John Hall

Fire Sprinkler Service, LLC
“When I call, they answer or get back to me right away. It’s that simple.”

John Hall

Fire Sprinkler Service, LLC
“Your guidance, thoroughness, professionalism and overall contribution are greatly appreciated.”

John Hall

Fire Sprinkler Service, LLC
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