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Fire & Egress Modeling

Gain a data-backed understanding of how your building – and its occupants – will perform in a worst-case scenario.

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Confidently Manage Complexity.

Modern computing infrastructure and software applications allow our licensed fire protection engineers to predict fire behavior, forecast the effectiveness of life safety systems, and better understand how building occupants will react. This allows us to help design and deliver life safety solutions that perform in the real world, rather than relying strictly on prescriptive code. Don’t guess whether your design is safe.

Performance Based Fire provides a degree of certainty and visualization you can’t achieve without modern technology.

Building Fire Protection
Building Fire Protection

Tech + Experience.

Our modeling specialists utilize cutting-edge technology as a core pillar of our performance- based approach to fire protection and life safety. Processing power and simulation software, however, isn’t enough. Complex modeling requires years of experience and specialized
expertise – up to and including our founder, an active firefighter.

Unleash Your Building's Full Potential.

When lives are at stake, it's not enough to guess how a building or fire protection system will perform. Our team of computer modeling experts deploys next-generation technology to deliver true-to-life egress simulations, accounting for changing conditions, occupancy levels and other variables. Our fire and egress modeling services can help prove hypotheses, justify increased travel distances and fire separation distances, evaluate alternative smoke detector or sprinkler spacing, analyze occupant tenability, load, and more.

Building Fire Protection

Computational Modeling Applications

Wide-Ranging Uses

We utilize computer fire & egress modeling for:

  • Performance-based designs
  • Modeling of fire development & response
  • Positioning & egress arrangement
  • Evacuation routes
  • Smoke control
  • Predictive inhabitant behavior
  • Smoke detector & sprinkler activation
  • Fire investigation

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