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Consulting and design of atrium smoke control, smoke-protected seating, zoned smoke control, high-rise, and stairwell/elevator pressurization systems

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Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering has helped design hundreds of smoke control systems. Our team – including our founder, an active-duty firefighter – pairs this rich expertise with specializations in modern computer modeling and simulation software. The result? Highly effective and efficient smoke control systems, well-documented rationales for AHJ approval and seamless special inspections and system commissioning.

Trust Our Years of Experience
Building Fire Protection

It All Starts with the Smoke Control Rational Analysis.

Mandated by IBC Section 909, smoke control rational analysis (SCRA) is the bedrock of our smoke control practice. Each type of smoke control system (exhaust, air flow or pressurization) has unique design criteria, options and requirements. These are addressed in the SCRA, helping our partners ensure code compliance and overall efficacy by documenting design conditions, system performance parameters, and system commissioning requirements.


CONTAM: The Missing Link.

For complex applications, advanced airflow modeling becomes necessary. That's where CONTAM comes in. Our team of licensed FPEs utilizes the NIST-developed technology to help design and integrate stairwell pressurization systems, elevator pressurization systems and floor-to-floor (zoned) smoke control systems to ensure individual and combined system performance.

Building Fire Protection
Building Fire Protection

FDS: Small Details. Big Results.

Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) is a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling tool that allows our fire protection experts to make informed decisions when it comes to the design of smoke control systems. Most commonly, we leverage FDS in the deign of atrium smoke control systems to determine the capacity and locations of exhaust fans, evaluate makeup air conditions that drive efficient designs.

Commissioning & Special Inspections of Smoke Control Systems.

An efficient design is only the beginning. Our licensed fire protection engineers serve as special inspectors to examine, compare, test, and document the installation and performance of a smoke control system to ensure that it functions in accordance with the approved design.



Wide-Ranging Uses

Our team has successfully delivered:

  • Smoke control systems for atria and large spaces
  • Smoke control systems for arenas
  • Smoke control systems for correctional facilities
  • Smoke control systems for special amusement buildings
  • Smoke protected seating
  • Stage smoke exhaust
  • Heat and smoke vents
  • Post fire smoke removal
  • Stairwell pressurization, elevator pressurization and zoned smoke control systems
  • Rational analysis of smoke control systems
  • Code consulting & review services
  • CONTAM modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) & fire dynamics simulation (FDS) modeling

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