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David Stacy, P.E.

David Stacy, P.E.

Principal & Founder

David Stacy, the Principal & Founder of Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC, is an esteemed professional with extensive experience in the fire protection field. His specialized expertise lies in computational modeling, which serves as the cornerstone of his successful consulting firm.

David's firm is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in fire and egress modeling, performance-based designs, Smoke Control Rational Analyses (SCRA), and Alternative Means & Methods (AM&M). His deep understanding of these areas allows him to deliver innovative and customized fire protection strategies to clients.

David’s expertise and contributions extend beyond his consulting firm. He is highly regarded within the fire protection field and has made significant contributions to the advancement of computer fire modeling. His expertise has been showcased through presentations at national conferences organized by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These presentations have focused on the latest developments and advancements in the field, highlighting David's commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and methodologies. His active involvement in industry conferences underscores his dedication to continuous learning and his desire to drive innovation in fire protection engineering.

David Stacy's extensive experience, niche skill set, and active involvement in professional organizations make him a respected figure in the fire protection industry. Through his leadership and innovative approach, he continues to drive Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC towards excellence, ensuring optimal fire protection solutions for their clients.

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