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Klayton Smith

Klayton Smith

Fire Protection Associate

Klayton Smith is a highly skilled Fire Protection Associate specializing in designing fire protection systems for diverse applications, such as high-rises, hangars, schools, and office buildings. With a strong background in Chemistry, Klayton possesses a unique advantage in fire modeling, leveraging his in-depth understanding of chemical reactions, combustion processes, and thermodynamics. Holding a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of South Florida, he has built a solid foundation in the fundamental principles that drive fire behavior.

Klayton has consistently showcased exceptional proficiency in fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and performance-based designs. He has honed his expertise through immersive work at Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC. By actively seeking professional growth opportunities, Klayton remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry. His continuous pursuit of knowledge contributes to the advancement of fire protection engineering practices.

Klayton's commitment to excellence makes him an invaluable asset in developing effective fire protection solutions.

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