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Kyle Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter

Fire Protection Associate

Kyle Carpenter is a Fire Protection Associate based in Kure Beach, North Carolina. In addition to his professional role, Kyle actively contributes to his community as a dedicated volunteer firefighter at the local fire department. Furthermore, he serves as the assistant head lifeguard for Kure Beach Ocean Rescue, demonstrating his commitment to public safety.

Kyle holds a B.S. in Fire Protection Engineering Technology, which he earned from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2022. Since joining PBFPE upon graduation, Kyle has swiftly immersed himself in various design projects, showcasing his proficiency and passion for the field. Committed to continuous growth, Kyle maintains a strong desire to expand his knowledge and skill set in performance-based fire protection design.

With his exceptional dedication to both professional and community endeavors, Kyle exemplifies a driven and versatile Fire Protection Associate who consistently strives for excellence in all aspects of his work.

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